Towards a National Security Regulator

I had always presumed, erroneously, that all those entering the legal field would have some modicum of interest in public policy, equity issues, and promoting the rule of law. A significant chunk of the profession certainly do share those concerns, even while differing in the positions they may take. But I was bewildered by those I encountered early in my legal education who simply were indifferent towards politics or any legal topic that did not directly impact their professional pursuits. I could only assume that such an existence was a by-product of a lifestyle and existence that was not threatened or challenged in any way. For these few specimens with singular pursuits there was one topic that did appear to peak their interest – the possibility of a national securities regulator. The creation of a single securities regulator would presumably create efficiency, expediency, and simplicity, and would likely make the jobs of any lawyers working in this area much easier.…

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