Toronto injury lawyer obtains $1.4 million dollars in settlement

Rotman Law Group recently obtained a $1.4 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered a car accident in 2006. The accident originally caused modest soft tissue damage which then escalated to catastrophic tissue damage, resulting in devastating effects for both client and family.

In October 2011 Rotman Law Group obtain a resounding success for one of its clients who five years ago was the victim of a terrible car accident crash which had significant repercussions that have made ??their presence felt only after a few years. This kind of amazing result can only be obtained by a dedicated personal injury attorney who has the required experience and expertise, as well as strong knowledge in the field and a deep understanding of the laws so that he can build a solid case. Unfortunately, a car accident is something that can happen to just anyone, regardless how carefully he is and the car accident injury is always both physical and material devastating the victim and his family alike. Taking into consideration that usually insurance companies endeavor to keep costs down preventing victims from receiving the financial compensations that they deserve, a personal injury lawyer is the only that can get to his clients the justice and the financial restitution that covers the related medical expenses.

In order to obtain a favorable settlement, it is essential to hire a car accident lawyer specialized in the field of your personal injury and also dedicated to obtain you the justice and the adequate compensation so that you are to pay for your medical bills as well as other expenses for all kinds of medical and emotional trauma. A loyal personal injury attorney must collect relevant evidence including eyewitness accounts, medical records, police reports, and even photographs and videotape in order to build a strong case for you and therefore, he must dedicate 100% of his time. A car accident lawyer is aware that a car accident crash with a negative impact on your life both personal and professional, he understands the emotional stress through which you pass and hence you are more than a number and a name in his files.

Fortunately, this type of personal injury lawyer represents exactly the profile of the staff from Rotman Law Group who has the experience, ability and commitment, as well as resources to fight so you can receive the compensation that you deserve.

About Rotman Law Group:

Rotman Law Group is a Toronto, Canada based company which currently offer to its clients over 100 years combined experience in the practice of personal injury litigation. The company has an impressive portfolio of clients fighting for each of them in order to obtain the financial restitution they deserve. Each personal injury lawyer Toronto from Rotman Law Group has the needed experience and expertise to build a strong case and to protect the interest of his clients as well as possible. The aid of a Toronto injury lawyer is essential for an individual facing a difficult situation such as a car accident that requires increased attention for every detail, especially when it comes to collecting relevant evidence, talking to any eyewitnesses and even questioning law enforcement when necessary.

Moreover, when you hire a personal injury lawyer from Rotman Law Group, he will not charge you any fee until you he recovers the financial restitution for you. The fact that the company fights only for victims of a car accident, not insurance companies gives them added confidence because they have a personal approach for each case and they are highly motivated to change for the better the life of their clients. With respect to this matter, each car accident lawyer has a wide area of expertise that encompasses car accidents, public transportation accidents, pedestrian or cycling accidents, motorcycle and boating accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and of course, wrongful death.

Therefore, whether you are the victim of a car accident crash or you face any other type of personal injury, you can contact confidently a Toronto injury lawyer from Rotman Law Group because you will be in excellent hands. Your personal injury lawyer Toronto will be dedicated to achieve results on your behalf so you can peacefully recover after your trauma.

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