Top Regulatory Stories of 2017

The Regulatory Review is pleased to highlight the top fifty pieces of 2017 authored by The Regulatory Review staff contributors. These articles, which qualify for this list based on the number of page views, are arranged below in alphabetical order by last name of author. Regulating Short-term Rentals May 24, 2017  | Alina Artunian Twenty years after the debut of the award-winning musical Rent, New Yorkers are still struggling with rising rent costs and finding “a way to pay.” It is no surprise that New Yorkers and tourists alike have turned to Airbnb, the popular online community that helps connect hosts and travelers around the world, to find affordable housing in the city. However, in October 2016, the New York legislature signed into law a bill that prohibits apartment advertisements for purposes other than permanent residence. Curbing Prescription Opioid Abuse Through Insurance Regulation October 25, 2017  | Benjamin Barsky A new war on…

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