Top Regulatory Essays of 2017

The Regulatory Review is pleased to highlight our top fifty regulatory essays of 2017 authored by outside contributors. These essays, which qualify for this list based on the number of page views, are arranged below in alphabetical order by last name of author. Paralysis by Analysis Is Not Regulatory Reform June 20, 2017  | Robert S. Adler One of my fellow Commissioners on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Joseph Mohorovic, recently published an essay on The Regulatory Review that I consider to be thoughtful, creative—and wrong. I have no disagreement with Commissioner Mohorovic’s proposition that improving agency functioning is a good thing. But his approach prescribes an all-too-familiar nostrum for regulatory reform: impose “paralysis by analysis” by regulating the regulators. Enormous Benefits at Minimal Cost June 22, 2017  | Robert S. Adler I have truly enjoyed sharing different perspectives on regulation with my U.S.…

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