Top Internet Law Developments of 2017 (Very Late)

[It’s a sign of my busy 2018 that I’m only now posting my annual Internet Law year-in-review recap. Better late than never?] 2017 was a generally OK year for me personally. My wife’s health has been stable, I was able to return to the classroom for the first time in 3 years, and I had a productive year of writing. However, for our country, 2017 was terrible. So many memes might accurately describe the situation, but this one will suffice: Can the Print-on-Demand Industry Survive? The print-on-demand industry was rocked by two troubling rulings this year. First, in Harley-Davidson v. Sunfrog, the court issued a trademark-based injunction that required Sunfrog to block any items containing the plaintiff’s marks or substantially similar variations. How can Sunfrog find and block “substantially similar” variations, especially of logos? Then, in Greg Young Publishing v. Zazzle, the jury issued statutory copyright damages against…

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