To do: re-think this whole “to-do list” thing

My wife doesn’t make to-do lists. And yet she gets a ton of stuff every day. She seems to know what to do and she gets it done. How? You’re asking the wrong guy. I’m the guy who loves to make lists, try out different apps and different systems for managing my lists. How about you? Are you a list maker? Or are you more like my wife and usually know what to do?You know what? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we get our most important things done. There seems to be a growing trend against the primacy of the to-list. I see articles that say “to-do lists don’t work” or to-do lists cause us to emphasize quantity over quality, or we should use our calendar to schedule our entire day. I say, do what works for you (and quit spending so much time reading articles about lists).Let’s say this is to-do list for today:–Call Max to schedule lunch for next week. –Review/respond to email. –Pick up dry cleaning.…

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