To Boost Response, Elminate Links form Landing Pages

My blogger colleague Josh Fruchter in New York identifies how law firms can get more website responses to:

  • Register for an event
  • Download a free white paper
  • Sign up for an email newsletter

The trick is to eliminate all distractions on the landing page — especially links — that take the visitors eye off the desired response.  "The landing page thus represents the mechanism by which a marketer hopes to achieve a tightly focused objective such as lead generation, event registration, or subscriber growth," Josh writes.

As an example, see the landing page that eLawMarketing designed to generate leads for a free white paper. Prospects arrived at this landing page by clicking on a link in an email newsletter ad:  The words "Download Free Report" jump off the page.

I follow Joshs advice on the subscription page for Originate! The Business Development Newsletter. See  Did you notice the big red "Subscribe" buttons?

"This means, for example, landing pages should NOT include links to other pages on your website that will take visitors off your landing page and distract them from taking that critical step you were hoping for," Josh says. "A landing page is about conversion, not branding."

Read his insightful post "How to Optimize Landing Pages for Google Ads, Event Registrations, Lead Generation and Other Marketing Objectives" on the blog.

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Legal Marketing

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