Tips on Writing a Parenting Plan

When a couple with children divorces in California, they must draft what is called a Parenting Plan, otherwise known as a “custody and visitation agreement.” The Parenting Plan is a detailed written agreement that outlines how the parents are going to handle time-sharing and decision making. Time-sharing refers to when the children will be with each of their parents, and decision-making refers to how the parents are going to decide on their children’s education, health and general welfare. Can you imagine getting a divorce without a written Parenting Plan? Without a written plan that is approved by the court you could easily have disagreements with your former spouse. You could argue over who gets what day, and who gets to spend the holidays with the kids. You could find yourself getting into many conflicts, which could send you straight back to court for “something in writing.” A Parenting Plan solidifies who is going to see…

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