Tips for Driving in Foggy Weather in Georgia

Drivers are more likely to find themselves in foggy weather in Georgia during the winter months. Driving in poor visibility presents its own hazards. Fog can be rare meaning many motorists are not familiar with navigating these conditions. On occasions, Georgia has seen terrible pile-ups due to foggy conditions. In 2002, about 125 vehicles were involved in a mass pile-up in foggy conditions near Ringgold in Georgia. Approximately, 125 vehicles piled up in a foggy chain-reaction crash that killed four motorists and left a half-mile trail of mangled vehicles on a highway in northwest Georgia, reported Online Athens. The accident occurred about five miles south of the Tennessee line on Interstate 75. It shut down the highway in both directions and also caused 39 injuries, 15 of which were described as serious. driving in foggy weather in Georgia presents hazards Driving in fog is very dangerous because visibility may be dramatically reduced. To keep safe, follow these five tips…

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