Tips On Buying Your Powerblock Dumbbells

If you are setting up your own home fitness gym, the adjustable dumbbell set is the first equipment that you should have. But since there are several manufacturers of adjustable dumbbells, you need to familiarize yourself with what most professional trainers recommend. So, if you are ready to purchase your dumbbells, read these reviews about the Powerblock Classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set before you place your order online.

Compare Prices

On average, you need to prepare around $300 for your Powerblock dumbbells. This price may be lower or higher depending on the site where you get the dumbbells as well as your location. Since most sites offer free shipping, you can take advantage of it to get better savings. Although the amount you save may not seem much at first, the money you shell out is worth the functionality of the 50 lb dumbbells. When you have the set, you do not have to keep on buying new sets every time you get stronger. All you have to do is to adjust the plates to your desired weight and you are ready to move up in your training program.

Read Reviews

Reviews are important ways to check the performance of a certain product. For the Powerblock classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbells, they have received good feedbacks from customers. Unlike with the expensive Bowflex SelectTech, you get the same quality and elegant finish without paying too much. With only few clicks, you can change the weights to your desired level and adjust accordingly. This feature makes the Powerblocks better than the Cap barbell which requires different sets to train at different intensity levels.

If Possible, Try the Equipment First

Trying the dumbbells yourself first is a good way to test whether they fit you well. If you can do this, grab the opportunity. Check whether the grip of the Powerblocks are suited for your hands. If you wear weight gloves, the added padding in the gloves take up more space on the handle. Consider these factors before you decide to get the Powerblock classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set.

Check your Space at Home

Since the Powerblocks can adjust in length easily, they are very portable and take up less space. However, you may still want to check on your room space before buying these dumbbell sets. Also, since they can replace 9 different weights, you do not have to worry if you only have limited area at home. You can keep the powerblocks under your bed or inside your cabinets. If you can buy dumbbell racks together with it, that would be even better.

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