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■ Contra the MVNHS©:NHS poised to drop 4-hour A&E treatment target via @FT— Sally Pipes (@sallypipes) April 8, 2019We last blogged on the Much Vaunted National Health Service©'s problems achieving its (apparently unattainable) goal back in '17:"Nearly a quarter of patients waited longer than four hours at A&E last week with just one hospital hitting its target."Now they've just thrown in the towel.■ Contra the MSM:Here in the States, meanwhile, we have a much prettier picture:"leading medical journals report the U.S. has superior medical results; U.S. wait times are far shorter than for seriously ill patients in peer countries like Canada and the U.K."@TPPF @RightOnHC— David Balat (@DavidBalatHC) April 8, 2019And that's including the impact of ObamaCare.■ Contra the Spinmeisters:You may have read that a Canadian…

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