Three Things to Know About Negotiating Child Custody

In a perfect world, child custody negotiations would run smoothly every time. There’d be no need for us to write this blog post, let alone focus on this practice area. But we live in an imperfect world, one in which the question “Who gets the kids?” often leads to the ugliest chapter in many divorce cases. However, there are ways you approach child custody matters in a way that can makes the process more comfortable, writes therapist Ugo Uche in Psychology Today. Uche, who runs the Road 2 Resolutions counseling service in Phoenix, Arizona and lists three rules for child custody negotiations: 1. A mediator is impartial, not on your side “In the absence of physical or sexual assault committed against the child or children, no one cares how evil you believe your ex to be,” Uche writes. He says that parents will often point out flaws in their ex-spouse to gain sympathy or foster feelings of ill will against the other party. But this tactic is never…

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