Three Prenuptial Agreement Myths (And the Truths Behind Them)

A prenuptial agreement is an important document for a couple to file before marriage. Below are three prenuptial agreement myths we commonly hear as family law attorneys and the truths that people should know. Myth 1: Prenups are for couples with lots of premarital property. Prenuptial agreements are not just for soon-to-be spouses with multiple homes and vehicles. A prenup can also help couples who are just starting their adult lives. On top of the future planning advantages, many young couples have found the following benefits in the prenuptial agreement process: Practicing open and honest financial discussions Preparing to communicate about difficult topics Strengthening their bond and ability to work together Simply put, a prenup can help any couple plan for the “what ifs” they cannot foresee. Myth 2: Talking about a prenup is setting our marriage up for divorce. No couple wants to talk about the possibility of divorce before marriage. However, a prenuptial…

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