This Year Includes Some Key Retirement Issues

Retirement policies are becoming a hot topic in the political world. There are a number of retirement policy issues that will most likely be highlighted this year, according to The New York Times in “For American Workers, 4 Key Retirement Issues to Watch in 2019.” The article covers many issues, including Congress working on a plan to stop sharp cuts in traditional pensions, the SEC’s battle over fiduciary responsibilities to protect investors and the possible expansion of Social Security. Here are some of the highlights: Workplace Savings Plans. Features like automatic enrollment and matching employer contributions make these plans a great way to help save for retirement. However, a third of workers in the private sector don’t have access to these plans. In 2019, some states are starting programs to automatically sign up workers who don’t have access to these plans at work. Employers in some states will be required to set up automatic payroll…

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