This Kat will be a JudgeKat and bids farewell

Last June, the Swiss parliament elected this Kat as president of the Swiss Federal Patent Court. Not sure they were aware that he is a Kat, but in any case, I will be taking up my office on 1 January 2018 and cease all blogging.It just does not seem appropriate for a judge to criticize other judges' decisions, and uncritical blogging is boring. Additionally, I have always tried to be as brief as possible in my blogging, to the detriment of more complex issues. This may lead to the impression that this judge is incapable of more thorough analysis, although it is really due to the medium.Ever since Jeremy first asked me to be a guest blogger back in 2009, I greatly enjoyed contributing to the IPKat. The reach of IPKat is staggering, and the  breadth and depth of its contributors astonishing. IPKat is a leading voice in the discussion of European IP issues, and I am proud to have been a little part of it. Given the number of pressing issues in European IP policy (the…

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