Thinking About the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report

The risk of extreme weather events resulting from climate change and the collective global failure to address climate change represent the most significant current global risks, according to the World Economic Forum’s annual survey of global risks. These kinds of risks represent significant concerns for human safety, social and business disruption, and property loss. As discussed below, and as recent claims have shown, these risks may present management liability concerns as well. The World Economic Forum’s January 15, 2019 Global Risks Report can be found here.   Background The World Economic Forum’s annual risks report is based on an annual survey of forum participants and other multinational survey respondents, in which the participants are asked to rank individual global risks on a scale of 1 to 5. 2019 is the 14th year that the Forum has conducted the survey. The survey’s methodology is described in detail in the report’s appendices.…

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