Thinking about Gaming Your Social Media and Internet Sites? The New FTC Online Endorsement Guidelines Say You Better Think Again.

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced a series of guidelines to help verify that online endorsements are honest. The guidelines are aimed at preventing companies from trying to game the online ratings systems. Consumers often look at company sites and a wide array of social media sites to see what kind of reviews the products and services are getting. Because consumers rely on online comments and ratings, many companies try to post favorable comments and try to increase the good/recommended scores. Sometimes the company being reviewed hires people to post anonymously. Sometimes, the company pressures employees to post “likes” and other favorable The FTC regulates deceptive business practices. The federal agency works to make sure the phrase “Truth-in-Advertising” has real value for consumers. Endorsement should be honest. Part of the FTC’s truth duties are to regulate Internet reviews and rating systems. The new FTC endorsement guidelines…

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