There is no such thing as too much Peruvian (and other) IP news from Latin America

Kat friend Fredy Sánchez Merino provides his regular review of IP developments in Latin America. Peru. In order to facilitate patent registration procedures, the Peruvian Intellectual Property Office (IDECOPI), has created a WhatsApp channel for consultations regarding on-course applications as well as FAQs regarding patentability procedures. In an official statement (here), the Office explained how this measure is yet another attempt to decentralize the access to its services for users in remote regions of the country. Peru. Peru has entered the Global PPH (here), thus making available accelerated procedures for Peruvians inventors in other offices, including Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, the US, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Nordic Patent Institute, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, UK, Russia, Singapore, Sweden and the Visegrad Patent Institute. Considered by INDECOPI to be a notable…

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