Thematic Focus: Solutions

Publications:Community Members Should be Able to Sponsor Refugees for the Right Reasons, Not to Save the Government Money (The Conversation, March 2019) [text]Community-sponsorship in the UK: Breaking Down Barriers to Diversity (Refugee Hosts Blog, Feb. 2019) [text]Expectations and the Politics of Resettlement: Colombian and Palestinian Refugees in Chile and Brazil (Refugee Hosts Blog, March 2019) [text]Migrants and Refugees are Asked to Integrate: But What Does Integration Actually Mean? The Politics of Integration: Adjusting to New Lives in Host Societies, Working Paper, no. 1 (SIRIUS Project, Jan. 2019) [text]Promoting Socio-economic Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in the Next EU Budget (2021-2027) (PICUM & ECRE, March 2019) [text]Resettlement at a Glance (January-December 2018) (UNHCR, Feb. 2019) [text]- Related briefing note indicates that "that despite record levels of worldwide forced displacement, just 4.7 per cent of global refugee resettlement needs were…

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