#The2Llife: Taking Care of Yourself – Just do it

#The2Llife Taking Care of Yourself – Just do it GUEST BLOG Courtney Boykin, 2L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law               … leisure reading can be equally important, if at all for its therapeutic advantages. I was scrolling through Reddit’s “law school” listing and I came across this really interesting question: How do you maintain your love for reading in law school? I thought about how I would answer that question and I, honestly, drew a blank. For me, leisure reading is therapeutic and it helps ease whatever tension or stress I’m experiencing. For that reason, I love reading self-help/spiritual books. After reading the question, I tried to pinpoint the last time I actually read one of those books and I couldn’t. It was evident that I hadn’t maintained my own love of reading and, more importantly, I hadn’t benefitted from its therapeutic…

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