#The1Llife: Essential Supplies for Law School

#The1Llife Essential Supplies for Law School GUEST BLOG Makenzie Way, 1L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School               One smart move I’ve seen many students make is purchasing a dual bottle/thermos so they always have the option to switch to coffee or tea when fatigue hits. So, you decided to become a law student … now, what do you need to buy in order to fit the mold? While there, of course, is variety amongst us law students, some items seem to be a common amid the masses. With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of the most popular law school items – consider this your 1L Shopping Guide. Highlighters … highlighters … and more highlightersIn undergrad I owned two highlighters, both yellow, any more would be overkill, right? Wrong. When case briefing it’s suggested you use a minimum of five different colors for facts, procedural history, issue, holding, and the decision/dissent or…

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