#The1Llife: And That’s a Wrap

#The1Llife And That’s a Wrap GUEST BLOG Makenzie Way, 1L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School                Law school is challenging, it pushes you down and forces you to fight for what you want. When you manage to come out on the other side of it (even if you have two years left) the amount of self-pride you feel is out of this world. I pressed the submit button on my final 1L exam just a few days ago! Unlike many of my peers, I elected to direct apply for a journal so while they’re stuck on campus for another week stressing about commas and footnotes, I’ve finally said goodbye to law school for the summer. And while my brain, sleep schedule and stress-o-meter couldn’t be happier, I do feel a tad sentimental about leaving my law school campus behind. So with that, let’s do a little recap of my ‘top five best experiences’ of 1L. One. FRIENDSHIPS AND COLLEAGUES Without a doubt, the…

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