The UBE, from sea to shining Tennessee

The moment #UBEWatch has been waiting for has arrived (well, one of them anyway). The Uniform Bar Exam now stretches from coast to coast! And we have Tennessee to thank for it. Today, Tennessee volunteered its entry as the 29th state accepting the UBE. That connects North Carolina and Missouri – which means you can drive from Seattle in the west all the way to Stumpy Point, N.C. and never leave the Uniform Bar Exam zone. It’s good news for test takers, even if Tennessee doesn’t start until the administration of the February 2019 exams. Unless you just got your February 2018 bar exam results, in which case … congratulations? Here’s part of the release: The change comes after the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners filed a petition with the Supreme Court to adopt the change and a public comment period. The comments received by the Court were overwhelmingly supportive of the change. The UBE allows the Court to adapt to changing times while…

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