The Three Biggest Sexual Assault Cases to Hit Texas

We hear about sexual assaults often on the news. Sexual abuse can refer to a variety of actions. Sexual abuse can be a variety of pressures or actions that coerces another person to do things sexually that they didn’t want to do. It can also make references to behaviors that affect an individual’s ability to control circumstances surrounding sexual activity or how and when sexual activity takes place, such as rape, oral sex, or birth control access. Sexual assault incorporates various actions, including: Unwanted violent or rough sex Attempted rape Unwanted touching or kissing Refusing to use a condom or restricting access to birth control Keeping someone from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted disease Having sexual contact with an individual who is drugged, drunk, unconscious or unable to either consent or disagree Threatening another person to participate in unwanted sexual activity Forcing or pressuring someone to perform sexual acts or have sex…

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