The Supreme Court Trawl on Global Warming

Time to take a deep breath of polluted greenhouse gas-y air and look at some of the best comments offered about yesterdays monumental Supreme Court ruling on global warming and the Bush administrations (shall we say) so-far tepid response to it. From the ruling itself, I give you first the irrepressible Antonin Scalia, the Justice who started his dissent with this question: “Does anything require the [Environmental Protection Agency] Administrator to make a judgment whenever a petition for rulemaking is filed? Without citation of the statute or any other authority, the Court says yes. Why is that so?” In other words, Justice Scalia asked, why should the EPA be forced to do anything to address an environmental problem? Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. wrote this in his dissent: “The very concept of global warming seems inconsistent with this particularization requirement [to have standing to sue]. Global warming is a

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