The Right to Unplug

The newly amended Employment Standards Act may have created a context in which an employee may legally be able to disconnect their phone from the demands of the office. There is some precedent for this. European countries such as France passed a law allowing employees to turn off their devices when not officially at work. This law gives the green light to have a life, and ignore work-related e-mails and other forms of electronic communication in this context. There are rumours that the Federal Government is considering such a law. Approximately 11% of Ontario companies work in federally regulated businesses. The new law does not create such an affirmative right on its face, but arguably its provisions may lead to this conclusion. The New Bill 148 One of the interesting parts of this new law deals with scheduling and on-call work.[1] In essence, this law states that generally if the employer demands that the employee work on an unscheduled day, it must provide at…

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