The Realities Of Going In-House As A Litigator

Are you considering going in-house as a litigator? Read this insightful piece by Melissa Peters of Princeton Legal Search Group, who gives guidance on what can give you an advantage and best utilize your litigation skills. “Litigators with a specialized skillset fare better in the in-house market.  One of the impressive traits of general litigators is their ability to become expert in various subject matters in a short period of time.  Quite frankly, their clients and the court demand that skill, and it is often what energizes litigators and keeps their daily job interesting and varied.  Unfortunately, the in-house market does not value that skill as highly.  Although companies often recognize and respect that skill in attorneys, this is a tough in-house market for general litigators.  Litigators with specialized areas of expertise are having better success with securing in-house roles.  For example, we have placed litigators with…

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