The Perfect "Divorce Diet"

While the folks over at Women's Health may have some really good diet tips, we, as Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, here, at The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC, have another diet idea for you to consider; that is, if you have decided you really, really want a fool-proof diet guaranteed to shed up to 250 pounds! This diet "plan" is called the "Why Don't You Get Up, Get Out, and Shed 250 Pounds of Your Lazy, Worthless, Adulterous, God-forsaken Spouse, 'Sluggo,' By Getting a Quick Divorce From His Miserable Hide Today" Diet! Look, please know that, as divorce lawyers, we realize that divorce is no laughing matter. As divorce attorneys, we approach each divorce case with appropriate solemnity and respect. And please also know that we generally try here to give you good, practical divorce tips and information for you to discuss with your own divorce attorney. But we also want to try to make this divorce blog entertaining, or interesting, as well as informative, too! So, please understand that this was just a joke, folks! What do you think about this diet plan?!

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