The Opaque World of Arbitration Might Soon Become Clearer in New York

The New York Legislature has two bills pending in the Assembly and Senate which would make public, for the first time, details of private arbitrations. A09769 and S07146, sponsored by Matthew Titone and Brian Kavanagh respectively, are both crafted to provide information related to private arbitrations to the public. Information such as: · the name of the non-consumer party, · the state and zip code in which the consumer party resided at the time of arbitration, the type of    dispute involved,· whether the consumer was the prevailing party, · on how many occasions, if any, the non-consumer party has previously been a party in an   arbitration or mediation administered by that same private arbitration organization,· the date the private arbitration organization received the demand for arbitration, · the date the arbitrator was appointed, · the date of disposition by the arbitrator or private…

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