The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act: What is it, Does it Apply to Me, and if it Does, What do I Stand to Lose?

The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act (“OCSPA” or the “Act”) (Ohio Rev. Code § 1345.01 et seq.) is a set of laws that aim to protect consumers from sales practices that are deceptive, unfair, or unconscionable.  While the OCSPA serves a legitimate need of protecting consumers, its impact on businesses can be profound.  Many Ohio businesses, especially smaller ones, may not realize that their actions are subject to the OCSPA.  What is more, although many well-intentioned business owners know that the OCSPA lurks, they fail to take the time and effort necessary to ensure that they are in compliance. The OCSPA is a Remedial Law that Prohibits Unfair, Deceptive, and Unconscionable Acts Before getting into the meat of the OCSPA, one first needs to understand its purpose.  The OCSPA is a remedial law that “is designed to compensate for traditional consumer remedies” and, as such, is “liberally construed” by Ohio…

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