The Most Viewed In Custodia Legis Posts of 2017

There were more than 200 new posts published on In Custodia Legis during 2017. As usual, these were written by multiple authors from the different parts of the Law Library of Congress. The blog team has representatives from our team of reference librarians, our foreign law specialists, staff who manage our physical and digital collections, and those who work on events and outreach. A number of guest bloggers also contributed interesting posts, and we published interviews with various interns and staff too. The subject matter of the posts reflected the diverse interests and expertise of our authors. For example, we published posts about Fabiano paper in the Library of Congress; animals on trial; the adjudication of potentially unlawful shootings by members of the military; the first Form 1040; mythology, culture, and law in the South Pacific; researching EU law; the law that extinguished the authority of the Pope in England; the calculation of degrees of kinship under…

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