The Most Common Kind of Aggressive Driving Accidents in Georgia

Aggressive driving accidents in Georgia occur far too often on the crowded interstates around Atlanta and on rural roads. We often read about road rage crashes. However, aggressive driving may not be synonymous with road rage. It can include speeding, weaving between lanes, and emerging from an intersection in front of another vehicle. Aggressive driving accidents in Georgia Any driving that’s reckless or dismissive of the safety of others can be aggressive driving. This kind of driving is extremely hazardous. It can unnerve other drivers, causing multi-vehicle crashes. What Forms Does Aggressive Driving in Georgia Take? Aggressive driving in Georgia can take many different forms including: Speeding up suddenly and slowing down in heavy traffic; Making sudden lane changes without signaling; Traveling close behind the car in front; Failing to stop or to stop completely at red lights or stop signs; Speeding up when another vehicle attempts to overtake you; Racing: Weaving…

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