The List of Possible Defendants in a Trucking Accident Case

Experienced Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident with another passenger vehicle, identifying the defendant is easy: it is the driver of the car. When you are injured in an accident with a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, the defendant is not as easily picked out of the crowd. There are numerous parties involved in a trucking accident case, and while you might suspect the driver, do not forget you have other options for defendants as well. Which Parties Can You Name in an Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawsuit? Typically, a trucking accident case has more than one party. Rarely, do you see an example where a single defendant is named because commercial companies have networks of individuals and other businesses working together to complete a single trip. This fact increases the list of potential defendants. Of course, every case is different. Only an experienced attorney can genuinely determine which parties you could hold liable for your…

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