The Limits of Motherhood — and the Constitution

Cody Miyler is a fellow with an abundance of gall. After being dismissed as police chief of East Galesburg, Ill., Miyler sued the town of 900, claiming a violation of his constitutional due process rights. Apparently East Galesburg has an ordinance decreeing that the town “president” must sign off on police chief firings, and Miyler claimed that the then-president – who happened to be his mother – hadnt given her consent. But gall only gets you so far with the law (just ask OJ Simpson). And so it was that the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week decided to end Miylers curiously-long quest for satisfaction from the town he briefly served. The court declared in a five-page opinion that there was no “due process” right to the job and that, even if there were, it would not generate a “property interest” sufficient to trigger constitutional protection.

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