The HABITAT mark (and co-habitation): Part II

The dispute over registration of the HABITAT mark in Israel, reaching back to events in the 1970s, has now been decided by the Israel Supreme Court. Kat friend Adar Bengom summarizes for us the Supreme Court's decision. As some Kat readers may recall, more than a year ago, IPKat reported that the District Court of Tel Aviv ruled that the mark HABITAT, registered in Israel more than 40 years ago by a local furniture and houseware retailer, should be cancelled on the ground that it had been registered in bad faith. At the same time, the District Court also ruled that both Habitat Israel and Habitat International can nevertheless use the mark HABITAT in Israel in parallel. As further reported, this ruling was appealed by Habitat Israel to the Israeli Supreme Court. On December 17, 2018, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, agreeing with the District Court's analysis of bad faith registration of the mark HABITAT in the 1970s.Before we delve into the Supreme…

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