The First 180 Days After Bankruptcy in Miami

Filing bankruptcy in Miami is a difficult process, and one of the scariest financial situations anyone will face. First, you need to find a Miami bankruptcy lawyer, next you will have to fill out 50 or more pages of paperwork, attending required credit counseling all while about losing property and dealing with the invasion of your financial privacy. But what happens after your bankruptcy is finalized and how do you move on with your life? You should have two main goals after bankruptcy. Rebuild your credit and rebuild your financial life to avoid being in a situation where you need to file bankruptcy again. Saving money for rough times is difficult for most people. Your goal should be to have six months to a year worth of bill money saved. That is hard to do, and it is okay to start small. Do not get discouraged because you cannot afford to save much each week or get overwhelmed because you do not know where to start. Stop and take an honest look at your finances and determine out how much you can put away each week or each from each paycheck. Many banks will set up an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings account each month. You can set this up to happen after each check goes through, and before you spend it. Make a savings plan and stick with it! Do not stress if you can only save a few dollars each week, it will add up quicker than you think. Just do not tap into your savings unless you absolutely must. Rebuilding your credit is an important step to rebuilding your life. And it is not as difficult as you might think. Most lenders will not want to lend you money right away, but keep in mind that you have gotten rid of debt, which opens up your income to make other payments. And you will be charged high interest rates at first because you are considered high risk. To rebuild your credit, you should apply for a small credit card and make sure you pay on time. Consider financing small purchases through stores like furniture or small appliances. To rebuild your credit as quickly as possible, make sure you make your payments on time! Changing your financial life is not going to be easy. After you file, your bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney in Miami should have made sure you attended credit counseling which will help you make better financial decisions. While you probably cut back your spending already and started paying more attention to your finances, counseling can help you make better decisions. You might also consider after bankruptcy credit counseling. You need to safe guard you life against the issues that forced you into bankruptcy in the first place. Do you have insurance to protect your family from medical bills? Have you saved up for emergencies that could set you back? Make sure you do not end up in the same situation again. Tags: Miami Foreclosure Lawyer, Miami Foreclosure Attorney, Foreclosure Lawyer Miami, Foreclosure Attorney Miami, Short Sales Miami, Miami Short Sales, Miami Sports Lawyer, Miami Sports Attorney, Miami Entertainment Lawyer, Miami Entertainment Attorney, Condo Law Attorney Miami, Condo Law Miami, Bankruptcy Miami, Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami, Bankruptcy Attorney Miami

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