The Experimental Browser Extension has been Updated

In Custodia Legis – LC: “The experimental browser extension created by Syed Tanveer has been updated so the current legislation feature now defaults to the 116th Congress. Also, the drop-down menu can now search for text that you highlight in CRS Reports, the U.S. Code, and the eCFR. The browser extension does two things. First, if you highlight a citation to a bill on a webpage (ex. H.R.1), the browser extension will redirect you to the bill with that citation, in the current Congress, on In addition, you can use the extension to highlight text on a webpage and search for that text in  Just highlight some text, click the dome button in the top-right hand corner of your browser, and you can use the drop-down menu to search for that text in or in CRS Reports (a collection that now includes new content), the U.S. Code, or the eCFR.  For example, you might highlight “John McCain” on a webpage,…

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