The EPO’s Vision (II) – “expert, well supported and motivated staff”

Thorsten BauschPart II (- sorry, this will be a bit longer, but a lot has accumulated recently…) How does the EPO in 2018 fare with regard to the criterion “expert, well supported and motivated staff”? To what extent is it already reality, and to what “vision” in the sense of fancy? In my personal view, it is difficult to give a satisfactory general answer to this question. The EPO employs almost 7000 staff from over 30 countries, among them more than 4300 examiners (in 2016). It is inevitable that not all of them are “expert, well supported and motivated” to the same degree. But let us look at the three categories in more detail: 1. Expert Staff “Expert” staff probably mainly alludes to the technical and legal qualifications of EPO examiners and Board of Appeal (BoA) members. In this regard, my general impression is that the EPO staff leaves very little to be desired. Exceptions may confirm the rule, but on the whole, my…

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