The DOL and The Video Age: What's Available Online

Believe it or not, the DOL publishes videos. I know, that may not sound exciting, but the DOL actually has made short videos with catchy titles like: "Know Your Health Benefit Rights" (a video about basic health benefit right) "Saving Matters" (a video about the importance of retirement savings) "Protecting Your Employee Benefits" (a slide show for dislocated workers) "Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses" (a video about retirement plan options) "Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business" (a video designed to help choose retirement plan options) Most are offered in Spanish and English. The video page can be accessed here. As I have discussed in the past, communication is very important for plan sponsors. But not just your communications. You also have to know what other communications might be available to assist you in explaining your plans and your plan obligations. So take a few minutes and see what the DOL has available on-line for not only your own education, but also to possibly assist in educating your plan participants. And if the videos raise any questions about your current plan administration, you can always ask your attorney at Fox Rothschild for more clarification.

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