The delicate art of studying: A balance worth achieving

Law school is back in session—and for some of you, in session for the first time—and it’s a different kind of academic experience than most of us recall from undergrad. It can be difficult to wrap your head around the idea that there are steep curves, rankings, and only one massive exam per class to ascertain what concepts you’ve gained. Not only are the grading systems and class structures different, but the extracurricular activities you choose to join can also shape your career path and mentorship opportunities. Studying in law school is its own hurdle since studying for one overarching exam requires study habits vastly different from those you developed in years prior. Obtaining outlines from students who took the course before you becomes a rite of passage. Determining which type of study group works for your individual needs (or, rather, whether you should even join one) is a large part of your first semester in school. And, of course, figuring out…

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