The Danish Act on Trade Secrets has now been adopted

Sture and Emil open the door on the Danish trade secretslegislation…With June's deadline approaching, Member States are heating up on their progress in publishing and adopting any national legislation (if) required to implement the EU Trade Secrets Directive.  The latest news comes from Denmark where the AmeriKat's friends Sture Rygaard and Emil Jurcenoks (Plesner) report: "As previously reported, in Denmark the EU Trade Secrets Directive (the "Directive") will be implemented in an entirely new and independent act on trade secrets, which has just been adopted in the Danish parliament.In general, the new act is a very literal implementation of the Directive, which readers of this blog are familiar with. So here is a brief outline of the parts of the act of particular importance to Denmark which might be of interest to other trade secrets-interested Kats: Reverse engineering: The new act confirms that the acquisition of a trade secret…

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