The COPYKAT follows the money

As the world comes together today to panic about celebrate the GDPR coming into force, this COPYKAT follows the money.Stock photo companies: uncertain standing? When a photographer licences their work to a stock photo company, is that company entitled to bring a copyright infringement claim if those images are subsequently used unlawfully? The answer, at Federal District level in the United States at least, is "maybe".In May 2012, stock images company DRK Photo sued textbook publishing giant McGraw-Hill for alleged copyright infringement. DRK claimed that McGraw-Hill printed and distributed textbooks containing licensed images (636 unique photographs in total) which exceeded its licence agreement. However, the Court issued a summary judgement in favour of the defendants, because DRK failed to demonstrate any adequate ownership in the copyrights to confer standing.  The case, DRK Photo v. McGraw Hill et al, was then heard on Appeal from…

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