The Constitutional Claim Against Section 232

Following up on their complaint, this is from a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the American Institute for International Steel and two companies last week:  SECTION 232 IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS AN IMPROPER DELEGATION OF LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY AND A VIOLATION OF SEPARATION OF POWERS. Plaintiffs’ nondelegation challenge to section 232 and the 25% tariff issued pursuant to it has two inter-related elements: the delegation to the President in section 232 lacks the “intelligible principle” required by the Supreme Court since it decided J.W. Hampton, Jr,. & Co. v. United States, 276 U.S. 394, 409 (1928), and the President’s choice of remedies under section 232 is not subject to judicial review or to any of the other procedural checks that are the hallmarks of controlling Executive Branch decisionmaking in the administrative state. The result is that President has unbridled discretion to impose…

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