The CAFC upholds challenge to Philips patent in LED application area

A use of a light emitting diode in traffic lights was at issue:The ’988 patent describes a circuit arrangement for asignaling light, such as a traffic light, that uses a light emittingdiode (LED), rather than a traditional incandescentlamp, as its light source. ’988 patent, col. 1, lines 21–31. Typically, a signaling light in a traffic light system isregulated by a control unit having a solid-state relay—anelectronic switch that turns on and off the power suppliedto the light. Id., col. 1, lines 32–34; see also id., col. 3,lines 21–25. The control unit conducts status tests of therelay and of the signaling light at the connection terminalsto make sure that multiple traffic lights (e.g., red andgreen) are not on at the same time. See id., col. 1, lines32–41. At the Board [PTAB]:Wangs Alliance Corporation filed a petition for an interpartes review of the ’988 patent under 35 U.S.C.§§ 311–19. The Board instituted a…

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