The Bizarre New York Sales Tax 

If we were forced to identify a tax which most consistently “falls under the radar,” we would have to select the New York sales tax. With sales tax, we can say that familiarity has certainly bred obliviousness: sales tax is one of those extra fees which nearly everyone overlooks and forgets about. In fact, most consumers in the United States never actually pause to think about the full significance of sales tax as a transactional cost; sales tax represents the act of the state (sales taxes are only collected at the individual state level) literally taking a “cut” of private commercial transactions in exchange for public services. When you consider the myriad other taxes imposed by state governments, you can easily begin to wonder whether sales tax should be viewed as unnecessary.  Sales taxes are a type of “excise” tax, and excise taxes are themselves a type of “indirect tax.” Indirect taxes are those which are levied on a…

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