The Best and Worst Things about Divorce During the Holidays

One would think that life following divorce means freedom from commitments. You would think life is easier when you’re single again. Well, for some it can also be the opposite. The picture of being alone and no one to be with, especially during the Holiday season, can be a bit depressing. After all, life is not as black and white as people want it to be. There will always be gray areas to which we cannot avoid. Divorced couples both experience the good and bad things during the holidays. Having kids, to most couples, can be the hardest part during any holiday. Where will the child celebrate Christmas? Thanksgiving? New Year’s Eve? As we can anticipate, it will benefit one and can disadvantage the other or perhaps both can benefit if the child celebrates the holidays with only one of the parents. For instance, if the kid celebrates, Christmas together with the mother, the father might be alone and be lonely during the Christmas season. On the…

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