The Agricultural Data Act of 2018

Senators Klobuchar and Thune have introduced Senate Bill 2487, the "Agricultural Data Act of 2018."  The bill seeks to streamline ag data collection within USDA to make it more centralized and easily accessible to land grant universities and other organizations for research. Here's a closer look.The bill states that its purpose is "to increase the knowledge of how covered conservation practices or suites of covered conservation practices impact farm and ranch profitability (such as crop yields, soil health, and other risk-reducing factors) by using an appropriate collection, review, and analysis of data."  In other words, the bill intends to help analyze conservation practices to determine how they impact farm profitability.What data will be collected?The bill focuses on data related to “covered conservation practices,” which are practices designed to protect soil health, farm and ranch productivity, or both, while maintaining or…

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