That Snow You Forgot to Clean Off Your Car Can Be Deadly!

It can be a hassle to clean off all of the snow from your vehicle after an accumulating snowfall, especially when life gets in the way. Whether it is going to work or just pure laziness, people don’t like to clean off their cars sometimes. And that’s alright until the excess snow or ice on your car flies off and hits another driver. Yes, this is a scenario that happens all too often in the winter. You could be endangering other drivers because you didn’t want to clean your car off. What’s worse is that you could be facing a fine in the state of New Jersey. According to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, drivers who have excess snow on their vehicle can face fines ranging from $25 to $75 for each offense. If that snow or ice was to fly off your car and injure another driver or cause property damage, the fines could significantly rise; possibly to as much as $1,000. When you forget to clean your car off, you aren’t only impacting yourself with…

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