That great, free First Amendment thing (Best of 2017)

Public Enemy No. 1 First published July 24, 2017. I was recently, and very briefly, the toast of whatever for my efforts in making the world safe for nasty trademark registrations under the banner of the First Amendment. But today I got a result, along with my colleague  Bruce Godfrey of Jezic & Moyse LLC, in a First Amendment case that got — and will get — a lot less attention, but which is arguably of greater significance  — not just with respect to free speech, but for the dismal truth it tells us about the state of the civil legal system and the bar.  Start here: Huge free speech victory against a domestic terrorist. Major kudos to @RonColeman + @brucegodfrey for pro bono work — BeleaguredPopehat (@Popehat) July 24, 2017 I don’t have to explain why it’s important that the courts not let themselves become instruments to silence commentary on issues of public significance, or to enforce…

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