Text Messaging, Harassment and New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

Over the course of my career as a divorce and family law attorney I have watched technology change many aspect of New Jersey law, especially as it pertains to and New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. When I started practicing in my hometown, East Brunswick, New Jersey, on April 1, 1996, many restraining order trials were most often “he said, she said” affairs as often were there any no witnesses or other proofs. Then technology altered many aspects of our society, including acts of domestic violence. First, people would send harassing or threatening emails to one another but then the texting and smartphones came into play and the game changed forever. By 2012 a survey discussed on the Today Show stated that over 90% of lawyers saw a dramatic increase in text messages being introduced as evidence in domestic violence trial. This recent case discusses how a judge of a New Jersey Family Court analyzes text messages during a restraining order trial…

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